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— McArthur Binion

November 17 — March 10, 2019

In the studio of Chicago-based painter McArthur Binion, a handwritten note has been pinned to the wall for a decade that reads “Binion/Saarinen.” The artist’s initial concept was to create a painting inspired by architect Eliel Saarinen and his design of Cranbrook’s historic campus, where Binion received his MFA in Painting in 1973 and received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017. This early spark of inspiration will come to fruition at Cranbrook Art Museum and expanded through the creation of seven new works alongside a selection of Saarinen objects curated by the artist.


— Elmgreen & Dragset

November 16 — April 14, 2019

National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum are collaborating for the first time to present the region’s first exhibition focusing on Minimalism. Led by the Gallery and set across these two sites, over 150 works will explore the history and legacy of this groundbreaking art movement, which continues to influence a wide range of art forms and practitioners across the world today.


— Andrea Zittel

November 07 — March 24, 2019

Explore today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination. Are we living in the way that pioneering architects and designers throughout the 20th century predicted, or has our idea of home proved resistant to real change?


— Andra Ursuţa

November 02 — March 30, 2019

Vanilla Isis takes an irreverent look at the real and pretend extremisms manifest in contexts as disparate as terrorist groups and youth subcultures. Based on an analysis of the communicative strategies deployed by the Islamic State, whose internet-savvy appropriation of everything from computer games to Hollywood movie posters attracts vulnerable youths in the West, the show looks at how aesthetic trends migrate and are transformed or exploited to strange, unsettling effect.


— Monster Chetwynd

November 02 — March 30, 2019

For her exhibition at the Foundation, the artist presents a new series of large-format paintings, which incorporate sculptural objects from previous performances in dialogue with visual backgrounds of different origin—ancient painting, cinema, illustration. Each work reconfigures fragments of images that belong to other works, stories, places, and times, according to a logic that recalls bricolage, or do-it-yourself, in the anthropological sense of the term.


— Lu Song

October 30 — January 06, 2019

The pavilion 9A of the Mattatoio, will host the first exhibition in Europe by the Chinese painter Lu Song (Beijing, 1982), curated by Ludovico Pratesi. Lu Song’s works are figurative canvases that are inspired by an observant and poignant analysis of European art history, focusing in particular on the notion of landscape that the artist transforms into evocative sceneries, blending the surreal and the fantastic with the factual and logical. The large-scale canvases in the exhibition are almost homage to German romanticism and the works of great masters of the time such as Caspar David Friedrich and Arnold Bocklin – whom lived in Rome and interpreted the world of ancient roman classicism with a hint of demure and nostalgic northern soul.